Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Freshmen -- Steinbeck Style Episode Opening

The walls are covered in a dark red color. On the walls holds photos of memories the child has. There is a big bed that takes up most of the room. The bed makes the room so that it looks very small. On the left and right side of the bed are nightstands. On the left nightstand there is a Justin Bieber magazine full with photos and interviews of the young pop sensation. The magazine awaits there to be used. The right nightstand has a different use. This nightstand holds the lamp, one of the few things that light up the room. There are two doors next to the lamp. These doors open and behold the clothes, games, and things the child once held dear. Next to the doors is a giant window. Through the window you see lampposts that shine through the darkness of the night. In the right corner of the room lays an antique, brown mirror dresser. You can barely see the dresser through all the trinkets and clothes on top of it. Placed directly left of the dresser is a archaic brass lamp. Beneath the messy dresser, lamps, nightstands and welcoming bed lays a giant white, tan rug that covers the entire room. On this rug holds pieces of clothing and shoes worn the day before. From the red and white door enters the tired girl anticipating her lovely room.

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