Thursday, February 24, 2011

Freshmen -- The Power of One Ch. 12-15 -- "This I Believe"

I analyzed “No Dream is Impossible” written by Julia Adam. The essay was about Julia Adam and her dream of becoming an actress. From the beginning of the essay Julia proclaimed that her family did not believe in her, and her dream of becoming an actress. Despite their advice to quit and settle down she went into the world outside of Arkansas to become an actress. At many times she talks about her anguish of not being able to find an acting job, and the thought of her family's advice that she just should quit. She wondered if they were right. Instead of giving up she stops and talks about the power of her inner self belief and how it has affected her. Her inner self has given her the courage and strength to achieve her dream. At the end of Julia's essay she states her inner self is what got her to the place she is at today. Julia's inner self is what stopped her, pushed her, and helped her achieve her dream. She continues to say that no dream is impossible because she believes in her self.

“No Dream is Impossible” relates to the novel, Power of One, because both Bryce Courtenay and Julia Adams illustrate throughout their stories that all it takes is the power of one. Julia exclaimed that people looked down on her and her dream. The only thing that helped Julia achieve her goal was the power of one. “It tells me no dream is impossible because faith in my inner self will guide me to its fulfillment.”Peekay faced a challenge that many doubted he could accomplish. Peekay had to face a boy in boxing who was over all bigger and stronger than him. Regardless of the looks and doubts Peekay and Julia managed to overcome their obstacles with the help of the “power of one” or “inner self.” They believed in themselves, and nothing could stop them. “It was the power of one stirring in me.”

I relate to Julia Adam's essay, “No Dream is Impossible” because I have faced times were many people and I have doubted me. When I started to prepare to go to St. Ignatius my family believed in me, but some people did not find it realistic that I would go to St. Ignatius. I decided it was my dream to go to St. Ignatius and be apart of the community. I believed in myself and my power of one. “This belief in my inner self banishes fear and doubt and frees me to live and love and work to the fullest. “Eventually I got the grades and become the only one in my class accepted to St. Ignatius. Just like Julia Adam I had a dream and because I had faith in my inner self I accomplish it. Through reading the Power of One and “No Dream is Impossible” I have learned that it takes more than a dream, it takes me.

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